Project Overview: Original concept and exploration of the skincare space with the main goal of deepening skills in package design. Completed over the course of three weeks in October 2023.

Project Scope: Brand Identity, Package Design, Web Design

Brand Overview:

SPF 15      SPF 30      SPF 50

Zuma Sun is made for those who care about protecting their skin and the environment. Zuma Broad Spectrum sunscreen is made using organic cold-pressed, nutrient-rich ingredients that are ethically sourced. We use the safest sunscreen actives and environmentally-responsible packaging to ensure that we are doing our best to minimize our impact on our oceans and the environment.


Concept Overview:

Share the Waves
Zuma’s brand identity is shaped by the values that uphold surf culture. The spirit of surfing is rooted in a deep respect for the ocean and a desire to coexist with our natural environment. This coexistance is shown in the brand’s color palette, which is made up of hues found in coral reefs. Also, within the letter A of the logo, where a circle symbolizes the sun, And throughout the visuals used. The logo also captures the rebellious counterculture of surfing through its bold and edgy style.