The Sundance Institute

Social Media Strategy & Design 

Year: 2019

Social Media Strategy & Design Intern

Collaborators: Emily Behnan, Taha Zeed

Tools Used:
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Powerpoint, Instagram, Twitter

Designed and implemented three new social media strategies, founded in extensive audience and market research, and accompanying brand content to enhance engagement amongst a generation Z audience of aspiring filmmakers across the Sundance Institute’s digital platforms.

1. Audience Research
2. Strategy Development
3. Social Content Timeline Creation
4. Visual Design

Audience Research: Survey results & user persona creation

User Persona based on Audience Research

Survey Results

Conclusion: Through social media strategies and brand content, we enhanced engagement amongst a younger generation by igniting conversations surrounding history and legacy, providing accessible and valuable education, and fostering a sense of community, appreciation and support within the film community.