Project: IBM Garage Assets, 2022-2023
About: Compiliation of assets created for the IBM Garage team. Designs use IBM’s Carbon design system.

Role: Lead Designer

Graphic Design, Design Systems, Visual Identity 


User Research, UX & UI Design, Branding

Designed a core high-impact Skills catalog feature for the initial user group of an HR-focused virtual agent tool.  Designed a style guide, reusable component library, and website content to develop Quick Scout’s brand identity.

About: The design solution leverages capabilities such as categorization, automation, keyword detection, and filtering to create a user experience that is intuitive for non-technical users. With this Pre-Built Skills Catalog, HR employees can build reliable virtual agents that are personalized to their organization’s needs and ready to answer any employee inquiry.

Year: Winter 2021-2022
Role: Lead UX Designer
Collaborator(s): Alex Sher, UX Designer 



Style choices were made to align with IBM’s brand while simulatenously creating a fresh identity that captures the younger startup energy and innovative values of the Quick Scout team.

Primary colors and playful abstract shapes are used throughout to create a friendly and approachable appearance.  

User Discovery

User research was conducted including user journey maps, user personas, empathy maps and storboards.