Designed a shopping experience that simplifies sustainable buying decisios by uniting vetted ethical fashion brands

About: Using personalized search and discovery, vetted product/brand profiles, and a shopper reward program, Ethics encourages sustainable shopping by making it easy to discover trustworthy brands, increasing brand transparency, and building customer loyalty using gammification

University of Michigan - School of Information, Senior Thesis
Year: 2019
UX Design Student

User research, UX & UX design, visual design



The final design focuses on three main features: personalized search and discovery, product/brand profiles, and Ethics.

Personalized Search & Discovery 
Key Features: 

  • Discover New and Featured brands
  • Easily Like products by tapping heart icon
  • My Edit: suggested produts based on user Likes and Saves
  • Search by category, Search using keywords

Brand & Product Profiles

Key Features: 
  • Ethics Tags detail sustainability details
  • Brand Mission Statements
  • Product Descriptions
  • Ability to Save brands and Like products

Shopper Rewards Program

Rewarding shoppers for their sustainability efforts. 
Ethics Tags on purchased items translate into points, which can be redeemed for rewards (discounts and promotions on future purchases). 

User Research

Gathered information about the target audience through research on current consumer buying trends and user interviews. 

User Personas

Each persona has a sceario that identifies realistic goals the user might have while using the app. 

User Flow