Project Overview: Original concept and personal exploration of the hospitality space completed over the course of three weeks in September 2023. 

Project Scope: Brand Identity, Menu Design, Printed Collateral, Web Design

Brand Overview

Family Style

Named after my great grandmother, Albina “B” Bonanno, Albina is an Italian-American restaurant inspired by family traditions and homecooked meals. Our style is rooted in traditional Italian recipes and infused with modern American twsits. Located in the West Village of New York City, Albina is your neighborhood spot to catch up with old friends and share Sunday dinners with family. At any time of day, a visit to your neighborhood italian spot will make you feel at home. At Albina you will eat too much and drink too much all in the comfort of what feels like your great grandmother’s kitchen.

Concept Overview

An Ode to Italian Modernism

Bold, Joyful, Nostalgic 

A celebration of Italian heritage and family traditions, Albina is a joyful and nostalgic. Albina’s visual identity is an ode to Italian modernism. It is inspired by vintage Italian graphic design posters and restaurant signage. Through the use of primary colors and a mix of contrasting sizes and weights in typography, it is distinctively playful and bold. This playfulness speaks to Italy’s joyous approach to food and the bold flavors found throughout traditional Italian dishes. A constant emphasis on negative space creats a balance and simplicity that allows room for the food to speak for itself.